Bad Credit Home loans in South Africa. Click the Below Picture to Apply!

Bad Credit Home loans in South Africa. Click the Below Picture to Apply!
We have been matching home buyers with lenders extending home loans for people with bad credit since 2010. Get introduced to respected bad credit lenders that understand the stress involved with re-establishing your credit and going through the loan process can be. We can introduce you to experienced lending teams that understand the subprime, VA and FHA guidelines, so you can be confident that when you work with us you will be maximizing the best opportunities for home financing, regardless of your credit. Click the ABOVE Pictures to APPLY

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Structured Commercial Property Finance Products and Services

We provides property finance to Retail Intermediaries, Building contractors, sub-contractors, real estate agents Property Developers and Social Housing Institutions; as well as supports and capacitates emerging housing intermediaries through strategic partnerships. Whether you’re building or buying, renovating or renting, you can craft your property loan to suit your particular needs. For more detail, click on the home loan solutions below.

Whether you are purchasing commercial or residential property, either at auction or through an estate agent, or you are raising capital on an existing property or portfolio, we offer you a fair and flexible service, providing a quick and efficient response to your enquiries. We draw on our extensive contacts network in the loan and mortgage industry to ensure you receive the most competitive rates, the most appropriate structure and we look to ensure you have a valid exit strategy. Our service is flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs. Whether you require a large or long-term loan, or have to complete quickly, we provide maximum flexibility and reliability. Our industry expertise ensures that we will meet your loan requirements as quickly as possible. For a fast bridging loan, development or mezzanine finance, light refurbishment mortgage, or a second charge loan at market leading rates, speak to our advisors today. Send email to us at to see how Bridging Finance Specialists can help you to secure property finance